CSS offers both BIM and RFID consultancy services, enabling business-partners to attain and retain market leadership by extending their own product identification capabilities.

Our team of experienced BIM Architects, Designers, Developers, Project Managers and RFID System Integrators are ready to assist you in the successful design, implementation, securing and tracking all of your assets in real time.

Using our expertise in BIM, we can assist you in Designing, Modelling and Prototyping in every stage of the Project.

Also with our know-how on RFID security system, we can help you select the right RFID Readers, RFID Tags, RFID Chips and RFID Development Software to make your RFID implementation successful.

Gaining from our ongoing close-knit relationships with our partners across the various stages of the product lifecycle, we have an ability to map the gap between market need and product, and the capability to collaborate with the partner for concept-to-market product offerings.